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13 Jun, 2020

Molecule that handled side effects of aging are recognized

As your age increases your mind undergoes changes it may be some minor effects on memory or thinking skills, it may also due to medical treatment of the person that undergoes on regular bases. Expanding abdominal girth and shrinking muscles are two normal symptoms of maturing. Analysts have found a receptor in mice that directs the two impacts. Analyses with human cell societies suggest that the relating signaling pathways may likewise exist in people.

6 Jun, 2020

Face mask play vital role in preventing Covid-19

Should everyone use a mask? Obviously yes. A study done by texas researchers finds that the face mask decreases the chances of individuals getting infected with COVID-19 disease. Social distancing and regular hand wash are not enough to fight with COVID-19, we have to make a habit of wearing a face mask when go out of our home. By using face mask we can reduce 60% of the chances of getting infected from another person.

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