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G spot - the area of sexually sensitive tissue located on the roof of the vagina just inside the opening. Also known as the grafenberg spot.

Gain - a hearing aid's power, measured in the number of decibels that it can add to sound.

Gait cycle - the cycle that the feet and legs make when walking, beginning when one heel hits the ground and ending when the same heel hits the ground again.

Galactogogue - a substance that promotes breast milk production.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid - a chemical messenger in the brain that may help decrease anxiety and promote slow-wave sleep. Often referred to as gaba.

Ganglion - an abnormal but harmless mass of tissue, usually nerve cells.

Ganglion cyst - a harmless sac of fluid on top of a joint or tendon, usually on the wrist or back of the hand.

Gangrene - death of tissue in part of the body because blood has stopped flowing there.

Gastric - relating to the stomach.

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