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Hair bulb - the root of the hair shaft.

Hair cells - cells in the ear that transmit sound messages to the brain and play a vital role in hearing.

Hair shaft - the portion of hair that extends beyond the surface of the skin. It contains three layers: the cuticle, cortex, and medulla (not always present).

Hallucination - a perception of something that is not really there.

Hammertoe - a sometimes painful condition in which the toe curls up and under (resembling a hammer).

Happiness - feelings of contentment or joy; the overall experience of pleasure and meaning in life.

Happiness set-point - an individual's baseline level of happiness, determined largely by genetics, around which moods fluctuate. After reacting to positive or negative life changes, people tend to return to their happiness set-points.

Harm reduction therapy - a treatment strategy aimed at minimizing the harm associated with an object of addiction. This strategic approach helps people learn how to limit the degree to which they use their object of addiction, or limit the risks associated with their use, but they do not necessarily stop altogether.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis - a disease in which the body's immune system prevents the thyroid gland from producing enough thyroid hormone.

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