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Pacemaker, artificial - a small electronic device generally placed in the chest to correct an irregular heartbeat. It generates small electrical pulses that prompt the heart to beat at a normal pace.

Pacemaker, natural - a specialized cluster of cells called the sinoatrial node in the top of the right atrium. The pacemaker produces a steady flow of beat now signals that flash across the atria and then pass through the atrioventricular node to the ventricles.

Pad - abbreviation for peripheral artery disease, a condition caused by atherosclerosis in the arteries in the legs or leading to them.

Painkillers - drugs that relieve pain.

Palate - the tissues that make up the roof of the mouth.

Palliative care - treatment that relieves the symptoms of a serious illness, but does not cure the disease itself.

Palpate - to examine a part of the body by touching it carefully.

Palpitation - sensation that the heart is beating rapidly or irregularly.

Palsy - paralysis in part of the body, often with loss of sensation and uncontrolled body movements.

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