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Sacroiliitis - inflammation of the sacroiliac joints, which connect the lower spine to the pelvis.

Sacrum - the larger triangular bone at the base of the spine.

Sad - abbreviation for seasonal affective disorder, sadness and depression brought on by a lack of exposure to sunlight. Sad usually appears in the fall or winter and subsides in the spring.

Saline - a watery solution that contains a small amount of salt and is often used to administer drugs or as a substitute for plasma.

Salivary gland - one of three pairs of glands that pour lubricating fluids and digestive enzymes into the mouth.

Saphenous vein - a superficial blood vessel that extends from the thigh to the calf; it can be removed and used as a coronary bypass graft.

Sarcolemma - a membrane that covers the muscle fiber and ties the end of it to a tendon.

Sarcoma - a cancer that arises in the soft tissues of the body that connect, support, and separate other tissues or organs. Sarcomas can occur almost anywhere in the body.

Satisficer - a person who can make a choice and be satisfied with it when presented with an option that meets his or her standards, without needing to examine all options or find the absolute best.

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